An In Depth Discussion About Life Is Strange

In Episode 58 of the Girl Tribe Gaming Podcast Zen and Jen talk about Life is Strange, the choices we made, and how the game brought back memories of our youth.

If you’ve never played Life is Strange, do not listen to Episode 58! We command you to go play the game right now! You can play play Life is Strange on, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4 or Steam.

To keep it really basic, the game is about a girl named Max in her senior year of high school. She discovers that she can time travel. It’s different than anything we’ve played before and totally worth giving it a try.

Playing this game brought us back to our middle school and high school years. Granted, there was no time traveling, murder mystery, or killer storm heading to destroy our towns. However, Life is Strange captured the very essence of those young adult years. We found ourselves reliving the high school social drama, the bullies we tried to dodge and the awesome feeling of having a few friends who always had your back.

This game showcased many of those awkward moments when you’re trying to figure out your place in life. Life is Strange is universal in so many ways. It's easy to find yourself feeling like these characters are people you’ve known in the past.

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Before listening to Episode 58, get the low-down on
Zen & Jen





Zen grew up in a small town in Michigan. She always felt out of place and different from the other girls. Most of her days were spent adventuring around the woods, riding 4-wheelers, and cruising around the lake. A teacher once referred to Zen as being “like an onion” many layers to understand and get to know, and every layer is different (no joke, the teacher said this in front of the whole freaking class!). We should also mention, growing up Zen was super shy. While in high school, art and photography class were her safe house. Video gaming has always been present in her life, but really took off in college after finding her Tribe of geeks on Xbox Live!



As a kid, Jen lived in Kansas City, MO and in 9th grade her family moved to a suburban neighborhood just outside the city. Back then she was breaking the mold of what it meant to be a teenage girl. She ran around with these haircuts inspired by her favorite band and loved to wear that black leather biker jacket. Despite the outward appearance, Jen was super shy and struggled with being a lesbian in a time where it wasn’t as easily accepted. Luckily, Jen had a small group of awesome friends that she knew had her back. Jen enjoyed playing drums in band (she pretty much always had a pair of drumsticks on her). She truly loved this small club for classical guitar. It was a group of really nice kids, they were all very different but had a common love of guitar. Outside of school, Jen worked a part-time job but always made time to catch some video games. When she wasn’t doing that, she was either hanging with her best friend,  listening to music or listening to music with her best friend!

GTG 58: Special Episode - Life is Strange Series Spoilers

This is a very special episode that is 100% dedicated to Life is Strange. We urge you to skip this episode if you have not played or finished the game yet.  Zen and Jen talk all about the game, the plot, the choices they made, how it made them feel, how they connected to the game and a lot more!