Blackwood Crossing A Story Of Life, Love, and Loss.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Xbox One
Reviewed By: Zen

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Over the past few years the types of video games I enjoy has evolved. My love for emotional, story driven games has exceptionally grown. Blackwood Crossing is just what I was craving in a story driven game. In the experience you’ll uncover a story of life, love, and loss within a family and relationship between Finn and his older sister Scarlett. Finn is at the age of childhood make-believe and adventure. Finn is also struggling with a loss, a sense of blame and anger. Scarlett is at the age when she is trying to let go of her childhood ways, but is also trying to be there for her brother.

Blackwood Crossing is mainly a story/experience based game with simple puzzles. The puzzles are one element I really enjoyed in this game. In many story based games the puzzles feel forced and tedious. Most of the puzzles found in Blackwood Crossing made sense and help build the story.

The story takes places on a train, island, treehouse, and other places from Finn and Scarlett's childhood memories. There is also an element of magic that can undo the past and give life. The world is filled with mystery and symbolism that will leave you questioning the meaning even after you’ve completed the story. Right after I finished my first playthrough I wanted to go back and experience the story another time.The art directions, voice acting, animations, and dialogue are all fantastically done and make the story come to life.

The story brought me back to my childhood and the days when my sister and I would go on adventures in our backyard. The game made me stop and think about many other moments in my life and people I have lost. Even though the game touches on many sad subjects like death and siblings growing apart, it also brings to life all the joys of being a child, loving your family, and a sense of hope that even in death someone can live on with you through memories.

It’s a shorter game and only takes about 2.5-3 hours to complete, but will take several playthroughs to unlock all the achievements.

Blackwood Crossing is something special in the video game space and I hope we see more like it in the near future.