Four Community Game Nights | Halo 5 | Warzone Firefight Beta

Halo 5: Guardians | Warzone Firefight Beta 

One thing we love at Girl Tribe Gaming is Halo 5. We are excited to get our hands on the Warzone Firefight Beta!

We decided to put together some GTG hosted game nights during the beta. This is all about having fun! So, throw out your fears of not being good enough at Halo 5. Join us to play some Warzone Firefight, laugh and meet some super nice people in the GTG community.

Four GTG Warzone Firefight Game Night Sessions

Time Zone Converter

  • Thursday: 04/14/2016 | 12PM PST
  • Friday: 04/15/2016 | 6PM PST
  • Saturday: 04/16/2016 | 10AM PST
  • Saturday: 04/16/2016 | 6 PM PST

Who can Join?

This is open to everyone. We just ask that you treat your fellow gamers with respect and be a good human.


How to Join?

  • Send Xbox Gamertag: moto grrl a message when the session is about to start or has started.
  • Our Patreon Subscribers get priority access to the main lobby hosted by moto grrl. Please try to let moto know 15-30 minutes before the Game Night starts if you are a GTG Patreon Subscriber and want to join.
  • After that, the lobby spots are first come / first served.
  • If we have more than 8 people we can start additional lobbies or we can add you to a waiting list. If a spot opens then we will send you an invite.

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GTG Community Halo Spartan Company

Looking for a nice group of gamers to play Halo 5 with? Join our Spartan Company!

Girl Tribe Gaming Crew

This Spartan Company is open to GTG community members as a fun and easy way to team up in Halo 5 with other nice people from around the community. We play for fun and are not competitive. Please be respectful of your fellow Spartans. We do not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination.


Warzone Firefight

  • In Warzone Firefight, up to eight players will work together to complete five rounds of increasingly difficult, dynamic objectives set against a timer to emerge victorious.
  • Warzone Firefight will feature more enemies than ever – including a brand new tier of “Mythic” enemy bosses. Warzone Firefight features the most on-screen enemies in the history of the franchise.
  • You will have full access to all of your REQs including, weapons, vehicles, power-ups, armor mods and more in Warzone Firefight. 
  • Dynamic objectives make each game different. You can play thousands of matches before seeing the same objective combination.  

More Info | First Look at Warzone Firefight in Halo 5: Guardians