Community Throwback | Halo Reach | Rocket Hog Race Montage

Great Moments in Girl Tribe Gaming History

March 3, 2011

Our community began back in 2004 as a small all-female clan. This is a throwback to those early years when we only played one game. Halo. We loved Rocket Hog Race in the Halo Reach playlist. Here are a few highlights!


What are the NyX Grrls?

We wanted a change, so Zen and Jen changed the name from Girl Tribe to NyX Grrls. After a few years of NyX Grrls we went back to our roots and became the Girl Tribe Gaming you know today.

Halo Reach | Rocket Hog Slideshow

It is hard to believe that these screenshots were captured 5 years ago. So many laughs and great times with an amazing group of women. Some of us still game together regularly!