Dress Phil Spencer for E3 and Take a Selfie

E3 is on the horizon and Xbox fans just can't wait to see what Phil Spencer is going to wear.

Phil loves Xbox and indie game t-shirts!

Clearly, Phil has a love for awesome t-shirts. He is a busy guy and might not have decided what t-shirts to wear yet.  We decided to help give him a few ideas so that he could see them in action before E3. 

How to Build Your Own Paper Phil

  • Print off Paper Phil below. 
  • Cut out Phil and clothes.
  • Dress him in your favorite outfit.
  • Then take a selfie with Paper Phil.
  • Tweet your photos with the Hashtag: #PaperPhil.
  • We will be RT'ing our favorite Paper Phil selfies!

You can check out our Xbox E3 2016 Predictions EPISODE below or LISTEN on iTunes!

Yes, we both give our predictions for how many times Phil changes his outfit and we call out what t-shirts we think he will wear.