Featured Gamer: Meet Froglind

Featured Gamer: Meet Froglind

Froglind joined Girl Tribe Gaming back in September 2014 and has shifted her Call of Duty focus to the Minecraft world. Don't worry, she still knows how to pick up a gun and kill things! Froglind is super nice and easy to just chill and build things with. Recently, she took on some extra responsibility and has become a GTG Minecraft Game Ambassador.

This means that Froglind is hoping to make Minecraft more fun for the GTG community. She hope to bring our talented girls together, build stuff and have fun. She also will be there for new GTG community members and show them around and introduce them to our more veteran members. 

Get to know Froglind a little better.


Where on this planet earth do you call home?

To me home isn't necessarily where you physically reside. Home is where the heart is. However, to actually say where I currently reside is Palisade, Colorado. This will not be my permanent home as there is a near future move happening soon to Seattle, Washington. I have been lucky enough to have been well traveled worldly. 


What got you into gaming originally?

I would have to thank my father for being the gamer I am today. He brought home pong and I've been hooked ever since. 


Any current gaming obsessions?

Since getting Xbox 360 it has always been the FPS COD games. However, in recent months and after some peer pressure of some GTG girls, it is now Minecraft all the way. During my PC days I was always building things in Pharaoh and anything like SimCity.


What upcoming game are you most excited for and why?

  • For the love of motorcycles and riding it would be Ride.
  • I always watched bicycle racing on television. Additionally, when I was residing with my grandmother, I was lucky enough to watch the filming of American Flyer" from the end of her driveway. I'm looking forward to experience Tour De France.
  • Love being stealthy, so I'm looking forward to Metal Gear Solid V.
  • I've always loved the Tom Clancy FPS games. Really like the graphics and weapon handling.
  • As always, ending the year with the anual COD games. Really liked Black Ops. The design was really good. So Black Ops III is gonna be a nice way to end the year.


Do you have any other hobbies outside of gaming?

I’m an avid photographer for over 25 years. From studio, travel photographer, some published work, and just for the love of sharing the world through my eyes.


What are you currently watching on TV?

I’m not a TV watcher via cable. So most anything I watch is through Netflix. Currently watching Pretty Little Liars. Although, I have been patiently waiting for June 12th to watch Orange is the new Black. 


Have you seen any good movies lately?

Last one in theater was Mockingbird Jay. Netflix was Jack Ryan. 


Do you have a favorite junk food item that you just can’t seem to live without?

Depends on what’s going on or what I’m doing. If home watching Netflix it would be popcorn as a must have. Gaming the girls, they can hear me unwrap breakfast or granola bars. Out hiking would be cantaloupe. 


What's your all-time favorite weapon in a game?

Before AW was always the heavy handling of the Amelia. During AW it’s the SN6 or the AK12.


Favorite superhero or cartoon character?

It has always been Superman. He’s my kryptonite. 


If you could be best friends with any video game character who would you choose?

Who wouldn’t want to be Lara Croft? So why not be besties with Lara!