Review: Rally Racers | Xbox One

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Rally Racers, a cartoon racer developed by West Coast Software, has arrived on Xbox One after previously taking laps on the Nintendo Switch.

Platforms: Windows Store | Steam | PS4 | Nintendo Switch | Xbox One
Release Date: December 14, 2018
Website | West Coast Software
Twitter | @WestCoastSoft

Rally Racers is a cute, cartoon styled, single player game that features several races spread over seven distinct worlds. Players are tasked in each race with hitting targets for placing at least at a certain position, stunt points accrued, and finding a set number collectible oranges spread throughout each course. Some of the oranges are particularly well hidden, and as there are several achievements tied to collecting all of them, achievement hunters will want to keep a sharp eye out.

In the same vein as other cartoon racers such as Mario Kart and Sonic All Stars Racing, players choose their driver and proceed to try to win races by any means necessary, using a wide array of traps and gadgets. Some of these traps and gadgets include a rocket, confusion oil that sends players careening off track, a freeze ray, and a wind gun.


Upon starting the game, players are given the task of selecting their kart, their driver, and a companion. The selection of the kart really makes no difference other than cosmetics, and can be upgraded over the course of the game. At the beginning of the game, only one companion, a sheep that increases your shield duration, is available. Using coins to upgrade to another companion as soon as possible would be ideal, as the shield duration increase did not seem to make much difference when being attacked by other racers.

You will be attacked by the other racers a lot in this game. Even with the option to use crystals earned in races to recruit other drivers to your team so that they stop attacking you, the attacks never quite seem to be lessened. In fact, it felt as though the attacks from the remaining racers ramped up with each defection to the player’s team. Even with the ramped up attacks, the game was still enjoyable and playable. It never became a situation where it was made impossible to win.


What sets Rally Racers apart from the other cartoon kart racers available is the introduction of stunts that are highly encouraged in the tutorial as they give you a speed boost, more coins, and help you reach target goals for the tracks so that players earn more crystals to recruit drivers to their team. Stunt points are earned by flipping the kart side to side and frontward and backward. The more stunts performed in one go leads to more points, and ultimately to more coins. The stunts add an unexpected level of enjoyment to the races. Having to worry about flipping my car around to score points seemed intimidating at first. However, after a few races, and finding out that performing the stunts was easier than I first thought, I was hooked.


All in all, Rally Racers is a very fun game that is easy to pick up and play. The added dimension of the stunts and the finding of collectibles while keeping winning in mind, ensure that the game will be fun for a while. If there were any room for improvement, it would be that it really would have benefited from some sort of multiplayer. A game like this, especially with the stunts, would be so much fun to play with just one friend, and could have been a blast with several. The game is a good time, but it just doesn’t last long enough.

SHOULD YOU BUY Rally Racers?

WAIT FOR A SALE: It would have been a BUY IT, if it had a multiplayer mode.

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