We Need Your Support to Grow

For many female gamers Girl Tribe Gaming has served as a place to call home since 2004. Our goal has always been to provide a space that is positive, safe and fun for women gamers. The first 9 years of this endeavor was fully funded by Zen and Jen. Our generous community donated enough money to cover our basic operating expenses the last two years. We truly appreciate the support and literally couldn't have done it without your assistance.

GTG has grown a lot in the past decade. We started off as a small Xbox clan of 8-12 girls playing Halo 2. Now we are a women’s gaming community and video game podcast hosted by Zen and Jen. Each year we set new goals for GTG and this year the duo plans to keep growing.

Our dream is to bring more content to life through articles, YouTube videos, Twitch streams, more podcasts and even a video version of the GTG Podcast. Currently, we create content in our spare time. Imagine the possibilities if we had the resources to dedicate more time to content creation and if we had all of the equipment we needed to make this happen.

To make our dream possible we need funding. Patreon is a great way for you to support us and help us do what we love. Patreon is a service that allows fans to subscribe for a monthly fee and in return you receive rewards like, early access to YouTube videos, poll voting and the ability to have questions answered each month on a YouTube video from Zen and Jen.

A $1 pledge a month would make Zen and Jen happier than you know.

  • You can cancel anytime.
  • Rewards are given after the billing at the beginning of each month.
  • We plan to offer even better rewards as our Patreon funding grows.


All One Time Donations made will help Jen and Zen keep the entertainment and community side of GTG up and running.  These donations help cover the costs of hosting the website and podcast. It also helps us upgrade our equipment and generate content for the Podcast, Twitch, YouTube and the website.