Friends of GTG

Do you suffer from sudden bouts of geekdom? If so, the Anomaly Podcast may be right for you. In clinical studies Anomaly and Anomaly Supplemental‘s convention reports, cosplay topics and commentary on Sci Fi and Fantasy books, games, movies and television shows—provided a feeling of fullness while promoting optimal geekiness. Our free podcasts are released alternately, every Sunday, and are available over-the-counter at Stitcher and the iTunes. 


We are the Enthusiacs, a site created by a group of friends setting out to share the topics we enjoy: movies, video games, and more.  Our content includes articles, videos and podcasts.  We promote a civil community with a focus on having fun.  You can connect with us on YouTube and Twitter, and our podcasts are available on iTunes or your podcatcher of choice.  So, are you an Enthusiac?  Check us out!



Rated NA has been around for nearly six years and has over 245 episodes available for download. Formed in 2010, Ash, Matt and Scott gather weekly to discuss the things they love; from games and cons to T.V., tech and film. With dozens of exclusive interviews under their proverbial belts, Rated NA loves chatting with creatives about the incredible things they do to keep the world entertained.


Not Your Mama’s Gamer, started by Samantha and Alex in 2011, was designed as a space that would bring scholarly endeavors in line with personal passion, a space that would combine feminist interrogation of games with the games community. Since its inception, NYMGamer has grown by leaps and bounds, expanding content as well as staff, adding features such as our Signal Boost that focuses on diverse voices, gaming livestreams, and multimodal content.


A group of friends Amanda, Cory, and Jon are not just Gamers, they are One Track Gamers.  These Gamers love Video Games so much they want to talk about it every week.  The One Track Gamers is a weekly audio podcast that talk about the latest updates in the Video Game industry, answer questions from the Gamer Community, and even play different types of conversation games.  The podcast is available on various podcast devices with new episodes out every Tuesday.  Game On!