GTG 26: The Winners and Losers of Xbox Gaming in 2014

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This week Zen and Jen look back on the Xbox video games of 2014. This episode is basically a Xbox Video Game Award Episode but done GTG style! The girls each name their Favorite Games of 2014 along with other important categories like: Favorite Remastered Game, Biggest Let Down, Best Weapon, Best Villain, Best Hair, Best Dressed Character, Games that made you say WTF, and more!

Then they discuss the video games they can’t wait to play in 2015! Also, Zen falls in love with the Halo 5 beta while Jen explains how to destroy the world in Plague Inc. with a blind man.


Show Notes:

Here is a complete list of the video game award categories!

  • Favorite Remastered Game

  • Biggest Surprise

  • Biggest Let Down

  • Best Weapon

  • Best Villain

  • Best Hair in a Video Game

  • Best Dressed Character

  • Best Story

  • Best Graphics

  • Best Art Direction

  • Best Multiplayer

  • Best Kinect Game or App

  • Most Creative Gameplay

  • Games We Will Most Likely Play Going into 2015

  • Our Top 3 Games of 2014

  • Favorite Mobile Game

  • Games We Are Excited About for 2015