GTG 3: Bubble Girl vs The Huntress

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This time Zen and Jen talk about Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Kinect Sports Rivals. Zen finishes a game! The mobile games this week are Bounce Slime on iPhone and Hexic on WP8/Win8. We also discuss Cortana coming to Windows Phone 8.1 and answer a couple questions!


 *Kinect Sports Rivals Podcast Correction

Yep, there is multiplayer in KSR!

Jen totally missed it. She would blame her headache but honestly the MP aspect is not very intuitive and even with the direction below from Rare, it was still hard to find. 

Q: How do I start a multiplayer game over Xbox Live?

A: Kinect Sports Rivals is focused on personal rivalry, so people that you want to play against online must be added to your Friends list – this automatically marks them as an in-game Rival. Select the My Game option when connected to Xbox Live to see your Friends list, then choose an opponent and send them an invite! You can also invite anyone who's in a Party with you, or select a specific opponent via their pop-up on the island map.

When playing together over Xbox Live, the player who sent the invite (the Host) selects events from a list of recommendations. Don't forget that you can still send challenges to your Rivals' Champions even if your Rivals are offline!


Show Notes:

Kinect Sports Rivals: Face Expressions


Apple Siri vs Microsoft Cortana - EPIC BATTLE

Zen may think her iPhone rules the world but she is definitely curious about Cortana coming to Windows Phone 8.1.