GTG 48: Pinball FX2 Marvel’s Ant-Man, Farming Simulator 2015 and Her Story Game


This episode the girls find themselves each playing older games. Jen has the brand new Marvel’s Ant-Man Pinball FX2 table. Zen becomes a farmer, causes some tractor mayhem and she thinks she has discovered a secret conspiracy in Farming Simulator 2015 (Cuckoo!).  The girls mix things up and share their own Xbox achievement stories on the Achievement Unlocked segment. Finally, after 3 weeks of waiting Zen talks all about her experiences delving into the Her Story game on iOS.

Show Notes:


True Achievements

We believe the harder an achievement is to obtain, the more points should be received.
We've decided that an achievement's difficulty can be accurately approximated by using a formula based on how many people have that achievement compared to how many people own the game. We also understand the phrase 'accurately approximated' is a contradiction in terms but are refusing to remove it on the grounds that it sounds impressive.
From there we multiply the original points given to the achievement by our difficulty score and end up with the TrueAchievement score for that, for want of a better word, achievement.
By adding up the TrueAchievement scores for all the achievements you have won, you get your TrueAchievement Score. Of which you should be terribly proud. Unless it's only 1, in which case you are both a fool and disgrace to your family. We know this as they called the other day and asked to be disassociated from you.