GTG 93: 2016 Best of Video Games, So Far

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This episode is all about the best videos games of 2016 as of right now!

  • Best Quick Fix Game.
  • Best Art Direction.
  • Best Story.
  • Favorite Character.
  • Biggest Surprise Game.
  • Top 3 - 5 Games of 2016.
  • Biggest Let Down.
  • Favorite Memory From Gaming in 2016.
  • Most played mobile game of 2016.
  • Best Hair.
  • Best Dressed.
  • Best soundtrack/score.
  • Game that pulled at your heartstrings.
  • Game that made think what the heck is going on?
  • Game already released in 2016 but you still want to play.
  • Best Remastered game or game that went Backward Compatible this year.
  • Overall Game of the Year, So Far.
  • Game you are on the fence about for later this year. 
  • Game you’re looking forward to later 2016.