GTG 85: Among the Sleep | In Between | Neon Chrome

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Game Reviews: 

Among the Sleep | Hitman: Episode 3 | In Between | Neon Chrome


Check in on how our New Year’s Gaming Resolutions are going. We Read it on Reddit segment. 


Show Notes:

Among the Sleep | Stream Highlight


HITMAN - Episode Three: Marrakesh


In Between


Neon Chrome


GTG 64: 2016 Video Games | Preview | Predictions

GTG 64: 2016 Video Games | Preview | Predictions

Episode 64 is all about videos games in 2016. Zen and Jen chat about an insane number of games from major blockbuster titles to the small indie games. The duo preview the hottest games and maybe some you might not have heard about yet. They also make a few predictions for games in 2016. Definitely check out this episode, they cover tons of titles on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Windows/PC and mobile.